Match Team Falcons Falcon vs BetBoom Team BBT | 26.05

On May, 26 2024 09:55 (UTC) (in 1 month) Team Falcons will fight against BetBoom Team in the Final Phase of the 2024 DreamLeague Season 23 Dota 2 Championship

Teams had 8 encounters in the past, Falcon won 6 times. BBT won 0 times.

Falcon match line-up is Cr1t-, Sneyking, skiter, ATF, Malr1ne.
BBT line-up is gpk~, Save~, Nightfall, TORONTOTOKYO, MieRo`.

Team Falcon (rank #1) is 7 places above BBT (rank #8).

Falcon doing well by winning over 70.00% of their recent matches. While team BBT performs with 30.00% winrate.

Falcon current streak is 1 loses against BBT's 1 loses.