After the flourishing of the strategy genre in the 2000s, there came a period of quiet. Players seriously began to fear that the genre would die out, but fortunately, this did not happen. Every year, excellent projects are released that delight fans, captivate them for hundreds of hours. For me, the release of each strategy game is a real celebration, and in this article, we will look at the best new strategies that are relevant in 2024.

The list includes both RTS and global turn-based strategies, so everyone will find a project to their liking. Get ready to add games to your library!

Manor Lords

Manor LordsImage: Ensigame

  • Release Date: April 26, 2024
  • Developer: Slavic Magic
  • Download: Steam

The most notable release of 2024 for genre enthusiasts is Manor Lords. I eagerly awaited this title and can confidently say that my expectations were met. The legacy of Stronghold is clearly recognizable here, mixed with elements we saw in Anno + Total War.

So, we have a realistic simulator for building a medieval city, powered by the UE5 engine, which looks stunning! Since everything is based on realism, the gameplay won't be fast but will be captivating. There are many resources, each beneficial to the settlement. Buildings don't just appear out of nowhere: players can personally watch porters bring materials, builders construct the buildings. Very cool!

The townspeople have needs, and fulfilling them increases their happiness levels. The happier the residents, the more people will come. If you think you can just shower the inhabitants with gifts and put up an entertainment post in the square, I have bad news — they’ll hang you on that post. There are essential resources without which the townspeople will simply die: firewood, food, water, medicinal herbs.

The development of the village is not the limit of the game. First, the player must build several settlements to be effective. Second, the unclaimed lands are not only desired by our lord. This is where the Total War mechanic comes into play. The player forms armies, manages them in real-time! 

Farthest Frontier

Farthest FrontierImage: Steam

  • Release Date: August 9, 2022
  • Developer: Crate Entertainment
  • Download: Steam

Manor Lords is one of the most beautiful strategies I've seen, but it requires a good PC. If the new project doesn't run smoothly, users can enjoy the equally cool city-building strategy Farthest Frontier. It's a fairly realistic project with similar mechanics. You'll have to fight for survival against the weather, diseases, wild animals, barbarians. The maps here are randomly generated, so each game will be different.

There is no pre-determined starting point, so the entire map is at the player's disposal. From the town hall and a couple of dilapidated houses, the player needs to progress to a walled city with paved roads, neighborhoods. The development is very cool and motivated me to see it through, but the journey was tough.

The challenges begin with gathering resources necessary for the inhabitants. Seasons change, so you'll have to deal with frosts, droughts. Soon after starting, another challenge appears — wild animals. Hunters can partially handle them, but it's better to get an army quickly. Only because of wolves and bears? No, there are also barbarians on the map!

Overall, the gameplay is deeply engaging. For those who don't want to fight with vicious fauna + bandits, there's an option to disable all that. By the way, the visual component of Farthest Frontier is stunning.

Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires 4Image: Steam

  • Release Date: October 28, 2021
  • Developer: Relic Entertainment, Forgotten Empires, Climax Studios, World's Edge
  • Download: Steam

After the not-so-successful Age of Empires III, the announcement of the new part caused tension. Fortunately, the developers listened to fan feedback. Age of Empires IV pleased both fans, new players.

The project does not introduce grand innovations, but this is not a significant downside. There are still many historical factions, and they appear in DLCs. Each faction is noticeably different, not only visually but also in terms of gameplay. Sometimes, you have to come up with entirely new tactics, which encourages playing, staying up all night.

The transition to the next era has also changed. Now, empires have special buildings that provide various bonuses and allow evolution. This decision adds a new global objective in the matches — to destroy the opponent's unique structure. I liked the idea, as matches became more lively, varied.

Age of Wonders 4

Age of Wonders 4Image: Ensigame

  • Release Date: May 2, 2023
  • Developer: Triumph Studios
  • Download: Steam

With the release of this title, the famous series has embarked on a new path of development. Since this is a Paradox project, the scale is accordingly large. Now, players have a custom race editor where they can create anyone they want. Want to lead an empire of kind orcs who love nature? Or bloodthirsty cats? Go ahead!

Not everyone accepted this decision... Fans argue that without individual races, the project has lost its meaning. This is a controversial statement. The flexible editor and the tome system with skills allow for any role-playing. I wasn't upset at all by the possibility of studying light magic for a necromancer empire — I just didn't do it and consciously followed the path of destruction, chaos. It all depends on the player's imagination.

The development path of the empire depends entirely on you. As you progress, tomes with racial features + skills — the main mechanic of the game will unlock. There are no restrictions, so there's a lot of variety. Depending on the chosen traits + skills, the entire gameplay will change. The empire may lose the ability for normal diplomacy or, conversely, be able to negotiate with everyone. New abilities for the main character, new units, and buildings also open up.

There is one downside, however — weak AI. For hardcore players, this will be boring, but for casual players or those who want to relax, Age of Wonders 4 will be ideal. The various events on the map and the updated combat mechanics won't let you get bored!

Total Conflict: Resistance

Total Conflict ResistanceImage: Steam

  • Release Date: April 21, 2023
  • Developer: Thunder Devs
  • Download: Steam

A highly interesting project that combines three genres: global strategy, RTS, a first-person shooter with the ability to control military equipment. The game depicts a fictional theater of war in our time. All factions are not great superpowers but small states based on NATO, communists, or rebels. The goal is to eliminate all opponents on the map by capturing their territories.

In global mode, you'll need to establish production, trade, troop deployment. The player has to supply them with uniforms, weapons, provisions, but don't forget about the civilians. Cities have stability parameters, resource needs, making production extremely important. Once the conflict begins, RTS and shooter modes come into play.

As in a full-fledged strategy, the player can command troops, positioning units in strategic locations. If you want to participate directly in the battle, you can switch to any unit and take control. It's worth noting that the graphics + sounds in the game are excellent, making everything look epic!

Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3Image: Steam

  • Release Date: July 14, 2023
  • Developer: Haemimont Games
  • Download: Steam

The long-awaited continuation of the popular tactical game series thrilled fans. Like XCOM or the old Jagged Alliance? Now is the time to try the new release!

In most similar titles, users are limited by map features, mechanics. Developers can be understood because if you give too much freedom, tactics start to break down. However, the developers of Jagged Alliance 3 took a risk and succeeded. The number of possibilities pleasantly surprised me. For example, the ability to cut holes in walls blew my mind!

Locations have become deeper, larger. Especially attentive tacticians can complete missions while keeping all their operatives safe. There is also a storyline filled with dark humor despite the surroundings.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

Workers and Resources Soviet RepublicImage: Steam

  • Release Date: June 20, 2024
  • Developer: 3Division
  • Download: Steam

The year 2024 delighted us with the release of an excellent city-building strategy about the USSR. Cavalrymen riding bears, Tesla cannons, huge "Kirov" dirigibles… no, that's a different game. Sorry. 

The main feature of this project is not just the setting. First of all, it’s a very cool production, logistics system. Building a large cement plant was a separate challenge for me. You need to level the terrain, deliver resources, establish resource extraction for cement, build storage and railways, supply everything with electricity, and bring in workers!

This is just a small part of the production process. Everything is here — from mining resources to manufacturing equipment, nuclear energy. City residents need clean water, energy, heat. Children need schools and universities, and the city needs police stations, courts, hospitals, fire stations, and government buildings. Don't forget about food, clothing, electronics, entertainment, sports needs!

Not tired yet? This is only part of all the possibilities. If you crank up the difficulty settings to the maximum, you'll have an enhanced Cities: Skylines in a USSR setting. Buildings will deteriorate over time, transport needs maintenance, and technologies need to be studied in special universities. I fell in love with this game.

New Cycle

New CycleImage: Steam

  • Release Date: January 18, 2024
  • Developer: Core Engage
  • Download: Steam

If you've fully explored Frostpunk and want something similar, you should definitely try the new project New Cycle. The developers were clearly inspired by that project, as the core gameplay is the same. This time, humanity wasn't killed by extreme cold but by solar flares and subsequent anarchy.

The player will have to save everyone again, but without the sense of hopelessness that the icy world offered. The main task will be not survival at any cost but development under difficult conditions. However, this relief does not eliminate the need to make tough decisions. As in the "icy" game, the user manages a society with its problems, demands.

The rest of the gameplay is perfectly understandable for this genre. City building is not limited to a circle: the map is large, diverse, so the settlement will be as the player envisions it. There is also a system of laws, technology upgrades, and more to come as the project is in early access.

The Universim

The UniversimImage: Steam

  • Release Date: January 22, 2024
  • Developer: Crytivo
  • Download: Steam

Let's take a break from endless struggles, immerse ourselves in a pleasant atmosphere. In 2024, the god simulator + strategy The Universim was released. This is a rather amusing, fun strategy game where the player, in the role of a deity, helps their followers progress from sticks and stones to conquering space.

Unlike more serious civilization simulators, the user can interact with the world. For example, summon rain to extinguish a fire or use Cupid's arrow to link the fates of residents. You don’t have to be the most benevolent deity, either. To quickly gain influence points, you can make a sacrifice to yourself. Or, for instance, grind up a miscreant. I'm not kidding, there's a huge meat grinder where players can throw people!

All this is presented with a large dose of humor, so it doesn’t cause revulsion. By the way, there are enemies here too. Other tribes exist on the map, and at later stages, UFOs will appear.

Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings 3Image: Steam

  • Release Date: September 1, 2020
  • Developer: Paradox Development Studio
  • Download: Steam

Considering that quality strategy projects are not released very often, Crusader Kings III cannot be called an old title. Currently, it is one of the best grand strategy games on the market, and fans spend thousands of hours playing it.

How can one describe CKIII to convey its essence... Let’s take the Civilization series, combine it with The Sims. We get a giant life simulator of entire states, which best describes it. It’s not just a contour map where political decisions are made. It’s much deeper.

Each game (one of mine lasted 30 hours!) is unique. History can be changed not only by wars and alliances but even by the most trivial things. For example, a ruler may not have heirs due to illness, or the common flu might just kill you! The title is full of small events and behind-the-scenes intrigues, which is mind-blowing. It’s hard to get into CK III, but if you put in a little effort, you'll find a gem of grand strategy project.

Stronghold: Definitive Edition

Stronghold Definitive EditionImage: Steam

  • Release Date: November 7, 2023
  • Developer: FireFly Studios
  • Download: Steam

One of the pillars of the genre, Stronghold, proudly enters the selection of modern strategies. More precisely, this is its remaster, otherwise, this legendary project would remain on the shelves of historical museums. No matter how much we love the original, it’s hard to play it now, and it doesn't always run on modern PCs.

The beauty of the Definitive Edition is that the remaster doesn’t break the original. It’s a full-fledged tuning that improves the graphics, performance of the old game. New players might ask, "Grandpa, what are you even talking about?" Let me explain.

So, Stronghold can be safely called an old-school RTS. You build a castle, and around it, everything grows into housing, production, barracks, and defensive structures. But it’s not that simple.

As in the modern Manor Lords, everything here is steeped in realism. Want to build a stone wall? Okay, but first, the workers will quarry the stone, and then the mule driver will bring it to the construction site. Need more archers? First, the gamer needs recruits, who must be hired at the barracks. Then the player needs bows + arrows, which require a bow workshop that needs wood. So it is with every aspect of the game!


WARNOImage: Steam

  • Release Date: January 20, 2022
  • Developer: Eugen Systems
  • Download: Steam

Let’s take a break from the Middle Ages. WARNO is a full-fledged wargame about the Cold War period. You’ll have NATO + USSR troops at a disposal, consisting of hundreds of diverse units. As a wargame should, gamers need to assemble a set of troops at the start of each match: instead of cards, there are excellent 3D models of equipment, soldiers. Don’t worry, you won’t need to move figures on a map: everything happens in real time with cool animations and effects.

The gameplay is focused solely on battles, so there’s no base building. Unlike most RTS projects, battles here are tough, and crowd vs. crowd battles will lead to defeat. You’ll need to carefully plan tactics, considering the terrain, urban development, unit features.

The user can practice tactics with AI, but the project fully reveals itself in multiplayer. The online mode is the core, so competitive players will have plenty to do.


MechabellumImage: Steam

  • Release Date: May 11, 2023
  • Developer: Game River
  • Download: Steam

The most unusual strategy in the selection, as it is also an autobattler. Don’t let this feature put you off, as Mechabellum makes strategists think hard. The title features battles of robotic armies with numerous unit variations. The main task is to prepare for battle, as the user won’t be able to interfere once the fight starts.

At the beginning of each match, the player chooses units and positions them. As you progress, the set of combat machines expands, so the developers don’t overwhelm you with tons of content at once. When both opponents are ready for battle, the player just gives the command, and the battle begins. 

This is what makes the game a good tactical strategy. You have to think a lot and plan battle tactics for the future. Every victory feels like a real achievement.


TerraformersImage: Steam

  • Release Date: March 9, 2023
  • Developer: Asteroid Lab
  • Download: Steam

For many years, humanity has looked to space, trying not only to find other life but also to find a new home for civilization. Reality is not as romantic as the movies. For instance, Mars is not just a cold red planet where you can pitch a tent and grow potatoes. Hurricanes, deadly radiation will kill colonists much sooner.

In Terraformers, users need not only to create a colony on Mars but also to turn the planet into a blooming paradise. There are other planets with their own features and levels of difficulty, so there's plenty of variety.

You need to terraform the planet: make the atmosphere denser, fill the surface with oceans, blooming forests. Success is achieved through making the right decisions, appointing the most useful ministers, good logistics. The game also includes roguelike elements, so each session will be unique.

Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2Image: Steam

  • Release Date: December 11, 2019
  • Developer: Urban Games
  • Download: Steam

Among modern projects, Transport Fever 2 also deserves attention. The game can't be called new, but there are no newer analogs. This strategy game is a logistics simulator that ruthlessly consumes all free time.

Here players will manage everything related to transportation. You'll have to lay roads, establish air, sea, and rail connections. Everything should achieve maximum efficiency. Of course, the user can cover the entire map with a web of asphalt roads, but that will lead to such traffic jams that resources will be forgotten.

The player will have hundreds of types of vehicles at their disposal, with models executed at a very high level. Some might find this kind of entertainment boring, but believe me, the joy of having a perfectly working transport network is hard to describe.

Cities: Skylines II

Cities Skylines 2Image: Steam

  • Release Date: October 24, 2023
  • Developer: Colossal Order Ltd.
  • Download: Steam

Where else can a transport collapse lead to disaster? Of course, in Cities: Skylines II. People stuck in traffic for years is normal with poorly designed intersections. Born, grew up, and aged on the road because the car never reached home — a touching, tragic story.

Aside from traffic issues, SCII is an excellent city-building simulator with many possibilities. From a small town, a megacity will be born before eyes, and that's cool! However, you'll have to solve a huge number of problems. Players always need to balance residential areas, industrial zones, and commercial centers. Add to this pollution, disasters.

The project is promising, good, but what about the Steam reviews? The problem lies in optimization. There are still many bugs, but fans continue to play, as there are not many alternatives. Eventually, the bugs will be fixed, and Cities: Skylines II will become a gem of the genre.

Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3Image: Steam

  • Release Date: February 23, 2023
  • Developer: Relic Entertainment
  • Download: Steam

It's time to talk about the continuation of the legendary CoH series. Fans greeted the third game with mixed feelings, and it's worth delving deeper into why. Company of Heroes 3 is a good project. This WWII RTS combines an ideal balance of dynamics, tactics. You can't just create a couple of hundred tanks, storm the enemy base, but the gameplay isn't as slow as in wargames either.

Before a match, the user needs to choose a side of the conflict and one of the commanders, who differ in both battle tactics + units. Base building is limited to a few important structures, and unit creation is also restricted. This forces you to play thoughtfully and protect expensive equipment from infantry. This is what I always liked about CoH — equipment is a monstrous threat but vulnerable without infantry cover. At the same time, soldiers can entrench anywhere, build fortifications, machine-gun points, and minefields.

So why are the reviews mixed? Is it the campaign? No, the campaign is quite good, epic. Maybe the graphics? Also no, because the visuals are good for the genre. It turns out that it's the veterans of the series who are dissatisfied. There are fewer unit varieties, the balance isn't what the masters are used to, and online battles aren't as epic. Can this be considered a downside? For old fans, yes. But for new players, CoH 3 will be enjoyable.

Men of War II

Men of War 2Image: Steam

  • Release Date: May 15, 2024
  • Developer: Best Way
  • Download: Steam

For those interested in CoH3 but seeking larger scale, I recommend trying Men of War II. Fans of RTS are well acquainted with this franchise, and the sequel is a pleasant surprise. The events also take place during WWII, featuring stunning campaigns for the USSR, USA, Germany.

The project excellently combines the epic scale of RTS with deep tactical mechanics. A key feature is the direct control of units. The player can take one soldier and load him with as many grenades as he can carry. Then, make him stealthily crawl to the enemy tank and... BOOM! A whole tank destroyed by one soldier!

The sense of scale is conveyed not only by the variety of units + tactics but also by the effects. Men of War II looks, sounds amazing, especially when rocket artillery, mortars, or aviation come into play. The environment is fully destructible, allowing you to level entire city blocks.

Republic of Pirates

Republic of PiratesImage: Steam

  • Release Date: June 19, 2024
  • Developer: Crazy Goat Games
  • Download: Steam

A great alternative for those waiting for new parts of Tropico + Anno. Once again, the player must build a powerful mini-state on islands, but this time it’s not a British colony or a banana republic but a pirate city. This sounds very cool, but what do we see when we play?

Republic of Pirates turned out to be a really great project. The gameplay can be divided into two large independent groups: city management and naval battles. The first group follows a classic scheme. Build buildings, satisfy numerous needs of the inhabitants (pirates don’t deny themselves anything), engage in trade + politics. There are many buildings for production, so there are plenty of resources for sale.

However, what self-respecting pirate would rely solely on production? Resources can be "borrowed" from trade caravans, other clans. This is where the naval gameplay begins. Build shipyards, launch various ships. Each ship differs not only in appearance but also in characteristics and abilities. You’ll fight a lot, but the battles are not so complex as to disrupt the pace.


MillenniaImage: Steam

  • Release Date: March 26, 2024
  • Developer: C Prompt Games
  • Download: Steam

Among Civilization fans, this title sparked heated debates. Essentially, Paradox released their alternative take on the popular franchise, which some players didn’t like. The issue is just a habit of the old ways. Millennia can fairly be called a good game that is enjoyable to spend time in.

The core gameplay among competitors is the same — develop from a small tribe to a civilization conquering space. It seems like the projects are completely identical, but they are not. It starts with the fact that initially, states do not have distinct traits. The situation is almost like in Age of Wonders 4 — players themselves shape the culture, features.

When transitioning to each era, a choice opens up, and people choose a path of development. For the next hundred years, you can become skillful traders, great builders, scientists, or barbarians who fight everyone. The eras are also vividly expressed and change the global situation. In addition to the classic transition to a new age, there can be crisis eras where everyone suffers or heroic eras.

The list includes both new releases and interesting projects you might have missed. The strategy genre will never die, and this delights all fans, including myself. Play good games and share impressions in the comments!

Main image by Ensigame