The New York Department of Corrections has purchased 1,247 games for PS4 and PS5. The department spent $59,260 from the city's budget on these games, according to the New York Post.

The department explained that the video games were purchased to improve discipline in prisons. The right to play on consoles is given to inmates who behave well. The department hopes that these measures will reduce the number of fights and other violations in correctional facilities, especially those housing younger offenders.

While the idea behind that is understandable, there are some questions about the list of purchased games. There are some esports games like Street Fighter 6, Madden NFL or NBA 2K, and that is fine. But at the same time, there is Mortal Kombat 1. While the narrative of video games bringing violence is outdated, is it a suitable game in prison?

Some New York residents and former prison staff have criticized this initiative. They believe the department should spend budget money on more important tasks. Additionally, some argue that such actions condition inmates to view prison as not such a bad place, according to one of the publication's sources.

Main image: Ensigame, DALL-E