The Esports World Cup 2024 brings out many unusual tournament formats, but competition in League of Legends was different. The format was pretty straight-forward: eight teams in a single-elimination bracket. Seven matches, only one champion.

Tournament organizers did their best to bring as many storylines as possible: in the quarterfinals teams from LCK faced teams from LPL, while good old NA vs. EU rivalry was fueled with two matches. 

Everything, however, led to the match between two Asian teams. T1 faced Top Esports. The Chinese team had a perfect run before the finals and they won the first map as well. However, that was the final stop for them in Saudi Arabia, as T1 once again made a comeback and won three maps in a row. 

T1 won $400,000 of prize money and also got 1000 club points. These points are counted across different tournaments during the Esports World Cup  The winner of the club championship will receive additional $7,000,000.

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