Rumors that Microsoft would raise the price of the Game Pass subscription have been around for a very long time. Considering that Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be available to service subscribers who won't pay an extra cent for it, many have been questioning additional sources of income. Now we have a partial answer.

The first and most important question: when will Microsoft raise the prices? The answer: September 12, 2024 for subscribed users and July 10, 2024 for new. Starting from these days, users from different countries will feel the new costs differently. For example, the price increase for Ultimate tier in the Czechia will be 13%, while in Turkey the growth will be almost 50%. Here is the list with prices for every country.

However, the price increase is not the only change. Microsoft will restructure Game Pass. Now, for console players, there will be three options: Ultimate, Core, and Standard. The first two options are already well known to us, and Standard will replace Game Pass for Consoles. Yes, the separate console subscription is no longer available to new clients.

Instead, at a reduced price, gamers will have access to a large game library, but it will not include day-one blockbusters. Microsoft has launched a special page on the support site where you can find detailed information.

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