Blizzard will hold an Overwatch 2 x Transformers collaboration event. Players will have access to it starting July 9. A teaser trailer for the event was released on YouTube. The company has prepared a colorful animated video showcasing crossover skins. This is not the first such practice for Overwatch, as in the first part, some characters donned outfits from other Blizzard franchises like StarCraft and Diablo.

The rewards that participants of the in-game event will receive are still unknown. Some heroes will get thematic skins: Bastion will transform into Bumblebee, Reinhardt into Optimus Prime, Illari into Arcee, and Ramattra into Megatron. Fans also speculate that we might see special skins for Pharah, D.Va, Echo and Mercy, as they were featured on the comic artbook prior to this teaser. However, nothing about it is yet confirmed.

Given that Season 11 is themed around superheroes, this collaboration is very fitting. Dedicated Overwatch players are sure to appreciate it.

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