If there is a team that spent the summer break with great benefit, it is FURIA. They announced the updated Counter-Strike 2 roster, and there are several points of interest there.

First of all, FURIA officially confirmed the addition of skullz. While the Brazilian player did not fit in Team Liquid, he still got the talent. Together with the Brazilian CS Godfather, FalleN, and without language barrier, skullz gets a rare opportunity to shine in the South American powerhouse.

Second of all, FURIA signed new contracts with KSCERATO and yuurih. They will represent FURIA for three more years. These two players are the core of the team and such long contracts bring stability to the club. Although long contracts usually don't bring success in esports, this might be an exemption out of this rule.

Finally, FURIA signed two assistant coaches, Lucid and innersh1ne. Both of them were analysts in FaZe Clan, both of them will be great addition to the club. It looks like FURIA management has a consistent plan for becoming better in the future, and this fact is worth of praise. Let's see how it works out.

Main image: x.com