MiHoYo released the long-awaited teaser for the new Natlan region in Genshin Impact, but fan reactions have been divided. Instead of the anticipated grim kingdom of war with rivers of lava, the developers showcased a vibrant, colorful world populated by whimsical creatures.

Based on previous game descriptions of Natlan as the realm of the God of War, players had built expectations of a more severe, grim aesthetic. However, the teaser depicted a rainbow-hued, almost childlike world that reminded some of the Pokemon universe. Many expressed disappointment with such a harmless portrayal of the region.

NatlanImage: EnsigameFans are struggling to understand how the new content will fit into the overall Genshin Impact narrative. Some speculated that the game might shift towards a younger audience due to the abundance of vivid colors and cartoonish animation featured in the Natlan teaser.

If I never heard of Genshin Impact, I would've assumed it was a new Pokemon game. 
SassyHoe97, Reddit

The design of the region's new creatures sparked the most significant debates. Users compared them to Pokemon, Digimon, and other fictional beings, questioning the logic behind their appearance in the Genshin world. Many were perplexed by the cute dragons instead of epic, belligerent beasts.

Despite the criticism, miHoYo has yet to provide official comments regarding the Natlan concept. Fans can only await further details about the upcoming update.

Main image: youtube.com