Early June will see the release of the 4.7 patch for Genshin Impact, with developers sharing details about upcoming balance changes. The update will raise the limit for Original Resin, required for collecting rewards from domains, and increase the cap for materials stored in the Inventory.

Genshin ImpactImage: x.comIn a brief developer discussion, the studio announced the long-awaited increase to the accumulated resource. The new maximum will be 200 units, equivalent to 5 Condensed Resin. The limit has been raised by 40 resin, allowing for up to two domain runs, collecting rewards from Ley Line Blossoms, or one weekly boss.

Additionally, the friend list limit will be increased, allowing up to 100 friends to be added. The artifact quick equip system will also be improved. After the version's release, a recommended stat function will be added to the artifact configuration menu, automatically selecting the best artifacts based on statistical data.

A minor improvement to the Inventory will raise the cap for storing ores, character EXP materials, and artifact enhancement materials from 9,999 to 99,999, similar to the previous increase for weapon ascension materials.

Main image: Ensigame