Telegram game Hamster Kombat has been on a roll recently. As usual, today, the developers have released a new bonus word encoded in Morse code. If you enter it successfully, you will automatically get a one million coins as a big reward.

Daily Cipher in Morse code:

C -.-.

O ---

I ..

N -.

How and Where to Enter the Daily Cipher in Hamster Kombat

Entering the word of the day doesn't require any skill check. Simply need to tap on the button "Earn per tap" a couple of times and wait several seconds. When the coin turns red, a menu "Daily cipher" will be on your screen. Tap there and after that you'll be able to enter the combination.

How Morse Code Works:

Dot – a short tap on the hamster image.

Dash – a long (2 seconds) press on the hamster image.

Also, wait between the letters for 2-4 seconds, so that the program knows that you're entering different letters.

Main image: ensigame, DALL-E