Hamster Kombat is a hit game in the Telegram messenger. It is a simple clicker but lots of people spend time alongside drawn hamster in a business suit. The developers have released a new bonus word encoded in Morse code. After you enter it, you will earn a one million coins as a big reward.

Daily Cipher in Morse code:

F ..—.

O — — — 

R .— .

K — .— 

How and Where to Enter the Daily Cipher in Hamster Kombat

Tap on the button "Earn per tap" a couple of times. Wait a couple of seconds. After the coin turns red, a menu "Daily cipher" will appear. Tap there and then you'll be able to enter the combination.

How Morse Code Works:

Dot – a short tap on the hamster image.

Dash – a long (2 seconds) press on the hamster image.

Wait between the letters for 2-4 seconds, so that the game understands that you're entering different letters.

Main image: alphacoders.com